Enriching your CRM Database!

Feb 12, 2019


BY Lessburn

A company into IT consulting services, having 40+ Inside Sales Executives reached us for the growth consulting. Their team is provided with a SaaS based CRM in place and when we attempt to understand their existing system, we came to know that the history of the sales team has sourced and built the list with >200,000+ business contacts. By the efforts will be taken for building a new list the utilization of an existing database, we proposed that the cost effective growth strategy is with their existing data. 

But later when we attempt to audit, we found that, 

  • >30% of the decision makers email ID & Direct number was not being filled 
  • >45% of the decision makers email ID is invalid, as they left the organization or email server is changed to a new domain 
  • >60% of the decision makers information (like Second Name, Job Title, Department, etc.) was not being completed 
  • >80% of the accounts do not have a proper address field 
  • >10% of the accounts do not have a decision makers name 
  • >90% of the accounts do not have an industry/sector field is being filled 

Quickly we realized that therefore why any of their campaign was not yielding a markable click-through-rates and most of their cold calls landed on voice mail. 

Here are the few uses cases of having a complete & valid data in your CRM: 

  1. When you want to run a service to Banking & Financial service providers, and your accounts are not being filled with Industry field
  2. When you want to exclusively target Fintech companies, and your accounts are not being filled with Sector field 
  3. When you want to email only the VP level of decision makers from HR department to pitch your SaaS service 
  4. When you wanted to send a note to the accounts based out of California region about an event and do you not have address field is being properly filled! 

So, does the FIRST PHASE OF GROWTH CONSULTING comes with a proposal and #lessburn takes up the Data Enrichment Project of a reputed IT Consulting firm, based out of New Jersey! 

If you or your company feel in a same way, then leave a note ????