Remote Web/Market/Data Researchers & Analysts know how turned to be an extended team of Netherlands based BIS company

The Netherlands-based foremost data providers were on the verge to save the budget and time spent on building the quality database. Then we had an opportunity to know about their vision to empower local startup databases in nearly every major European tech hub, unlocking access to proprietary local data. They help the startups, growth companies, and tech ecosystems in Europe and around the globe to build databases on many of the world's most prominent investors, entrepreneurs, and government organizations to provide transparency, analysis, and insights on venture capital activity. We joined them as an extended team with just a single-member team. Let's behold how we made it feasible by saving the budget by 75% without compromising the data accuracy.

The Journey

Back in January 2018, we started with one extended team member who will build the firmographic database which includes industry type, organizational size, current location, total revenue, and growth trends. Once we delivered the valuable data with the highest precision, they have increased the team size to 4 members in a span of 6 months. lessburn specialized in onboarding high skilled talents with an optimal budget who are abundantly available in India. Now we are a team of 10 extended market researchers and analysts who help to craft both firmographic, key business alerts, and process on-demand data points based on their end clients’ requirements.

What We Build

Firmographic Data Points

  • Industry Type
  • Organizational Size
  • Social Media Links
  • Headquarters
  • Total Revenue
  • Growth Trends and 100+ more

Chronogrphic Data Signals

  • Funding Rounds
  • Merger & Acquisition
  • Leadership Changes
  • Revenue & Sponsors
  • Market-Leading Portfolios
  • Insights & Reports and 15+ more

Results & Outcomes

  • Overall project expenses saved by up to 75%
  • Throughout the year 2020, we have completed more than 200k company profiles along with tracking 18k of key business alerts that help to accelerate entrepreneurship & innovation through data for governments, corporates, and VCs, founders in Europe
  • The extended team works with the onshore team in their time zone through slack for rapid communication and process.