The Dark World of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Mar 15, 2019

Digital Marketing

BY Lessburn

Search Engine Optimization referred to us as SEO which plays an important role in Digital marketing. This is one of the important technique which makes your website (& business) to grow. There are some ethics and rules to be followed while practicing SEO. But, there are people and businesses follow “Black Hat SEO” strategies, which is a way of violating search engine policies to increase the page rank, get listed in the top search result at a reduced time.

Mainly on the Black Hat SEO, there are two different schemes called as link and General. Let’s look out what are the different schemes in crisp.

Buying Links:

  • It is a paid link where you would pay some particular amount for getting your domain link in their portal or article or blog.

Exchanging Links:

  • The exchange of website links between two parties with common interest or commercial is being placed.

Article Marketing:

  • Having an agency or in-house team to write plenty of (low quality) articles and distributing over the web.

Guest Posts:

  • Having an agency or in-house team to make guest posts through pseudo accounts where the business is indirectly or directly getting promoted.

Automation Programs:

  • Setting an automated programs for link indexing (i.e) linking one with another where finally the users end up with landing on your link.

Comment and Snippet Spam:

  • Creating  an automated program to generate the comments and for highlighting interesting facts and news.

Domain Squatting:

  • Domain name with the intention of preventing others from buying it and eventually reselling with other desperate buying for profit.

So, on the note:

It is not exactly meant that we should not do anything above said at all. All it mean is do it appropriate, less and organically. When you go with Black Hat SEO, it is expensive and risky and we know you don’t want a penalty. It violates webmaster guidelines set out by the search engines.

The best recommendation of SEO is,

  1. Perform your best in terms of search by giving value to your user experience.
  2. Give good multimedia content and focus on your company growth. Growing in true way is slow, but it will be steady-state.  
  3. Go for a quality of context and content, not quantity content.