There is no border when it comes to hiring! Everything remote is possible

We have worked with one of Europe's leading recruitment companies as an extended team to find top-notched talents across the industries. The average salary for a technical recruiter is £4,300 per month in London, United Kingdom Area. Since the client needed to manage their cash flow effectively during the pandemic, they were looking to outsource the talent hunters. We helped to fulfill their recruitment needs and saved the budget by up to 77% per resource.

Roles We Hired:

  • PKPD Modelling & Simulation Scientists
  • Senior DMPK Project Leader
  • Senior Principal Scientist
  • Senior Sales Director
  • Vice President Sales
  • Technical Lead
  • Marketing Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Technical Customer Support Manager
  • Senior Sales Engineer
  • Business Analyst
  • Tech Lead Data Admin
  • Software Developer Agile Devops
  • Functional Analyst
  • 2nd Level Support
  • Cyber Security Expert
  • Head of Marketing
  • Dynamics Architect
  • Research Manager, Insurance
  • Business Development Director

Hiring Process

  • Researching the market extensively
  • Present the target list of companies
  • Identifying the specific skill set required
  • Targeting only those professionals who could make a difference
  • Presenting a shortlist of those identified for the role

The Journey

Once we have analyzed the job description and research target companies, our dedicated talent acquisition team actively engages with potential candidates through LinkedIn and other personal communication portals within the wide online community. We then contacted every single candidate identified via LinkedIn for promoting the opportunity to gain maximum interest. From those that expressed an interest, a long list was formed for us to do the initial screening of candidates that involved undertaking competency-based interviews to determine a shortlist of those that best match the requirements of our client.

How We Overcome the Obstacles

  • Limited Potentials - For the roles like PKPD Modelling & Simulation Scientists, Senior DMPK Project Leader, and 365 Dynamics Architect, we have a very lesser number of ideal candidates within social, professional, and job portals. Then we have started sourcing their personal email ID using advanced email sourcing tools to ensure one on one communication with the candidates for effective outcomes.
  • Keep Them Warm - It's equivalently challenged while keeping the candidates warm till they get onboarded. We ensure every candidate is in regular contact with the recruiter and the employer till they join the team.
  • Referral Network - Used the network and referrals within LinkedIn while running out of ideal talents, we were able to identify top PKPD & DMPK Scientist and 365 Dynamics Architects that would thrive within the company or the network. It helped a lot the connections come through referrals is a demonstration of our strong reputation and the value of our service.

Outcomes & Achievements

  • We have sourced around 10k+ ideal profiles across the roles per month through LinkedIn, and most of the roles were filled before the deadlines with no drop outs which was impeccable for such difficult roles.
  • Hard-to-fill pharmacy modeling scientist and 365 Dynamics Architect positions in the UK were filled during a one-month-long recruitment campaign.
  • Saved the budget by up to 77% per resource