Our team helps to streamline the marketing efforts and to keep your business and your leads on track. We would assist you in planning, designing, running the strategic and personalised content for your target audience and empower your sales team with qualified leads in an automated way. Our aim is to bring down the cost spent on manual ways of running marketing campaigns from time to time and optimize with the channels that drive the most leads and sales in a cost effective way.

What we do

Automating your marketing campaigns that result!

Account Based

Attract, Engage & Convert Every Lead

We implement marketing automation strategies with the right blend of technology and service providers to improve the sales funnel by generating new leads and engaging every customer on each level with a highly focused and personalized way to get the best conversion rate.

Focus on every single customer

Our marketing automation strategy provides you an extraordinary ability to analyse and control each of your customer data. We adapt and align your customer data with the needs of your inbound marketing strategy and your business, which helps to give clear and deep insights into the trends.

Lead tracking & nurturing

We support you to respond to every single lead at the right time and with the right content. We automate communication with leads at various stages of the decision-making process, combining personalised email and chat box. We enhance the current workflow to maximise your opportunities through measuring and tracing the journey of every sale leads

Ace business scalability

Scale the business growth you deserve by enriching the existing/upcoming marketing strategies through automation to save time for customer responses and enhance the interactions through diverse touchpoints of the customer journeys, that helps to generate more revenue.

Why marketing automation?

Simplified Integrations

Create advanced segmentation that allows you to send tailored emails, chat messages, showcasing relevant ad copies, running personalized campaigns to your audience through most simplified integrations. You can track every one of them by having the stats like open rate and click rate to see how people engage with your out-reach and which mode of communication or ad copy drive the most traffic like never before.

Improved Productivity

Our service systemizes activities, documentation, and normal workflow processes. Thereby substituting routine marketing processes with automated solutions, you can give room to your marketing team with more time to focus on creating innovative campaigns.

Reduced Resources

Nurture leads and smoothens out marketing workflows resulting in reduced costs on the hiring of staff and other resources and helps in planning your future marketing expenditures based on past campaigns for the greater ROI.

Six Phases of Growth

Generate long-term revenue with our six phase of growth



Understand the product/service, target audience, Competition, and the Challenges



Build strategies that hunt over the competition and creates the unique value proposition



Understand the budget and competition, prepare the strategies with respect to the ROI goal is being set



Build the process highly effective & efficient through different growth programs with actionable items



Measure cost effectiveness and optimize the spent to get ROI of every Initiatives and keep improving the deliverables



Identify the right channel and strategy to scale up


Measure cost effectiveness and optimize the spend to get ROI of every Initiatives and keep improving the deliverables


Our Sync’fluence


We are partnered with globally leading companies who has cutting-edge technology in place and provides the best solution for the growth


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