Capture, nurture and convert super hot leads

Our Inside Sales Executives team is working with the companies from start-ups to the large companies and reporting to affluently experienced sales leaders. Our executives work closely with your sales head and constantly refine the strategies to build a stronger pipeline for successful closures. We generate super hot opportunities that have never been easier.

Inside Sales Support

Why lessburn’s Inside Sale Executives?

Identifying and closing prospects into sales requires time, dedication, expertise, regular follow-ups and patience as well. We follow innovative approaches and strategies to make a tailor-made process to meet your specific requirements. So that we can fix extremely qualified meetings, which would help you to close the deals you deserve. Our sales team have designed and delivered successful campaigns across a wide range of clients with respect to different industries.

Nurtured Relationships

Proven and scalable multi-channel prospecting to target audiences using email and social media channels that helps to onboard hot leads and nurtures relationships through regular follow-ups until closing a deal.

Targeted Customers

We ensure you are reaching out to the best audiences with our innovative, verified prospect mining solutions. We build your targeted customers list carefully, correctly, and cost-effectively.

Reporting & Analytics

We generate detailed reports and in-depth analysis on the most important KPIs for giving insights to the best-performing campaigns and fine-tune the current strategies to bring better results.

Skilled Professionals

Our team of sales executives will engage with your prospects, build rapport, and effectively convert them into your customers portfolio. With our extended team, you can be confident that every lead has the best chance of becoming your client.

Inbound Lead Management

Precisely catch, engage and convert inbound lead flow into qualified opportunities with our extended inside sales team, which gives you a better conversion ratio on acquiring new clients.

Account-Based Inside Sales

Account-Based campaigns enable you to examine exactly who to target and give you the upper hand to optimize the funnel. It empowers you to pitch an innovative product/service to a niche audience and it can facilitate enrichment and accomplish your business goals.


Penetrate Target Market
High BANT Scored Leads
Reduced Turnaround Time
Reduced Cost & Improved ROI

Measure cost effectiveness and optimize the spend to get ROI of every Initiatives and keep improving the deliverables

Our Talents & Infrastructure

We build businesses through investing over the talents and relationships.

Skilled and Certified Professionals

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Proven Results, Reduced Budget, Increased ROI

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