Why Achieving Your ROI is so Important for us

Team lessburn strongly believes that making you grow, will make us grow proportionately. Since the hailing days, our year on year 175% of growth has been possible through strategic clients that we have on-boarded and delivering the performance towards making them to grow to the next level in their business.

This form helps you calculate the investment of building a team with lessburn vs internally.

Research Deliverables


Inside Sales, Remote Recruitment, Customer Support, Virtual Assistance. Marketing Support


Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Per Project

Accuracy Guarantee


Type of Skillsets

Inside Sales Executives, Technical Recruiters, Customer Support Executives, Virtual Assistants, Marketing Support Executives

Value Added Service

List Building, Lead Scoring, Predictive Intelligence, Customised Data, CRM Enrichment etc.

Team Composition

Number of Dedicated Staff


Process Management

Dedicated Team Lead assigned for every 10 staff

Account Management

Dedicated Relationship Manager Assigned

Team Composition

Staff + QA + Manager

Scalable to 200+ head counts

Note:Our calculator includes an average pay scale of expertise being compared with multiple Researchers and Support Executives across the globe.

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Phase Time Cost
Baseline Resource Costs {{f02}}
Numbers are based on Glassdoor, The 2018 Bridge Group Resource Report, InsideSales.com State of Sales, and MIT HR Study.
Hiring 42 Days $4129
Training and Ramp 3.2 Mo's {{f04}}
Subtotal {{f05}}
Base Salary 12 Mo's $47973
Full Salary - OTE 12 Mo's $75000
Technology Stack 12 Mo's $3827
Overhead 12 Mo's {{f09}}
Subtotal {{f10}}
Managerial Costs 12 Mo's
Based on Glassdoor salary averages for Resource Managers
Overhead 12 Mo's {{f12}}
Subtotal {{f13}}
Resource Management Allocation
Monthly Total {{f16}}
Grand Total {{f17}}
lessburn Teams
Phase Time Cost
Baseline Resource Team Cost {{f19}}
Hiring 10 Days {{f20}}
Training and Ramp Included {{f21}}
Subtotal {{f22}}
Cost 12 Mo's {{usdFormat(42000)}}
Full Salary - OTE Included {{f24}}
Technology Stack Included {{f25}}
Overhead Included {{f26}}
Subtotal {{f27}}
Managerial Costs Included {{f28}}
Overhead Included {{f29}}
Subtotal {{f30}}
Customer Success Manager Included {{f31}}
Monthly Total {{f32}}
Grand Total {{f33}}
Monthly Savings: {{f34}}
Annual Savings: {{f35}}

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