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The technical recruitment team at lessburn can swiftly find you highly competent professionals who are the best fit for your hiring needs. Using skill sets combined with the knowledge of our dedicated technical recruiters can match the best technology professional with the right role. Find your right fit right now!

Remote Recruiters

Why lessburn Remote Recruiter?

In the talent hunting process, you need to know who to reach and how to reach. Our highly skilled technical recruiters are capable of reaching the best potentials faster, unrestricted by geography. We offer you access to a deeper talent pool with the elaborated professional database about the candidates. Hire exciting talents with more confidence with lessburn.

Certified Talent Hunters

Highly skilled and certified professionals have talent acquisition experience across the industries. Our highly skilled professionals are capable of working independently and effectively from anywhere.

Dedicated Team of Hunters

Feel like your own extended talent acquisition team. Our talent hunters will work with you to fulfill the talent requirements before your competitor does. Hire experienced, top-notch talents under an accelerated timeline.

Higher Retention Rate

Consider the amount of time and resources that go into onboarding the right talents. We always ensure that we are processing the profiles which are appropriate and intended for the job change. Thereby, we enhance a higher retention rate for every profile every time.

Result Oriented

In order to source the ideal candidates, conduct extensive research to build a database of your ideal candidates. And, we develop a handpicked pool of talents based on your requirements for delivering the benchmarking results.

Cost Effective

Our objective is to onboard the right potentials with optimum operational expenses. We offer a cost-effective recruitment solution for our clients, assisting them onboard highly skilled professionals quickly and with minimal disruption to productivity.

Highly Scalable

We are truly a flexible extended team to support you at any time to match your demand and supply trends. Get the flexibility to scale up with the number of recruiters as business priorities and conditions demand.


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