Irrespective of the intensity and awesomeness of technology that goes straight into creating your application, it is the simplicity of the user interface and the design of the front end of a product or website that is going to determine the way in which your customer interacts with it and progress towards a conversion.

Our team of experienced and empathetic user interface designers collaborates with you in understanding your target audiences, their savviness with technology in creating a relevant, right, robust and intuitive user interface for your website and application!

What we do

UX/UI Focus


Deriving the right UI & UX for startups are key for getting popular and going viral. From the wireframe to public launch, our team conducts several user testing to ensure that the UI gives its best to the customer experience.

Enterprise Applications

Being any module of ERP, or any specific application that are getting built for an enterprise need, the team at UI/UX division conducts a proper study of the need and bring it to the elegance.

Mobile Applications

The primary UI/UX requirement on mobile applications is being mobile responsive first and make the simplest flow for an user to explore and make an order.

Mobile and web apps
Web Applications

The web applications, especially after the cloud evolution demands the businesses to concentrate more on UI/UX and they are considered to grow only when they make customers to return to the applications consistently.

Six Phases of Growth

Design Process


Understanding the user

It all comes down to the user, isn’t it?! We try to map the familiarity of your users with technology and devices before embarking on creating the interface.


Understanding the technology

There are certain opportunities and certain restrictions that come with each Technology. We understand those and transform weaknesses into opportunities.


Understanding your core business

It is not about knowing what you sell but understanding how the selling happens! We try to map the conversion journey of the user to make it easy, effective and intuitive.


Understanding the possible exits

If we have the knowledge through which our prospects will exit, it will be easy to seal those doors or at least redirect them back into our territory of business!


Understanding what is next

It is important to learn from the market, the competition and the mistakes that they make so that we, even if not perfect, become better than what they are!


Understanding of acceptance

We conduct the user level feedback sessions through 1-1 and group meetings to understand how they feel and accept our flow of conversion, and any improvements needed.

Our value added services

Design & Development
Design & Development
UI/UX Design & Development

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