Bringing on Top 3 and Beating 160+ Competitors in 2 Years of Effort specializes in providing spectacular firework products and supplying a wide range of fireworks to consumers all over India for all manner of special occasions and celebrations. Having a decade of persistence in the fireworks industry, they commenced their presence in the online e-commerce platform back in 2018. Unlike any other industry, the competition is massive and it's way tougher to compete against the giants in the fireworks industry. Our client wanted to crack the niche market by increasing the traffic with better brand awareness which drives more quality conversions.

The Challenge

  • Ensuring that the website would provide the utmost helpfulness with the best keyword practice to the viewers and to clinch the top place in the search pages, which makes a significant difference from the competitors since most of them have not done the effective optimization practices.
  • The website's structure made it challenging for the search engine to find and index valuable content after the top pages. They needed a way to scale the organic search traffic despite the limitations of the site design.

Our strategy, in short:

Complete Website Audit: While auditing the website for keywords is conventional, we have audited the website for experiences, user interface, page load time, and intuitive flow towards conversion.

Keyword Research: Have identified a group of keyword phrases (location-based) that are practicing gives the best result on deriving a strategy to upbeat.

Competitor Analysis: Undergone some research on the links, keywords, content, etc., of the competitors to reverse-engineer the most successful elements of these tactics into our SEO strategy.

On-Page Optimisation: Our proven team that is adept in the concepts that govern the websites take care of the technical on-page elements like the lightness of code, page speed, and image sizes.

Content Optimization: Created and optimised powerful content to increase traffic to your website, achieve your set business goals and meet your customers’ needs.

Link Building: Built links in the pages where the quality and authority of those pages – play a key role in determining the rank in search engine results.

Results & ROI

  • 0 to 52,334 monthly organic traffic in <3 years
  • Top 3 rankings for extremely competitive keywords for locations like Chennai, Coimbatore and Madurai. Eg: Sivakasi Online Crackers, Order Crackers Online and Best Selling Crackers Online
  • Attained 79.89% organic traffic
  • 2000+ online order every year