SEO – The evolution of simplest and most powerful marketing strategy

Feb 12, 2019

Content Marketing

BY Lessburn

As a business owner or as a marketer, we all know the significance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). I have recently had an interactive session among the startups founders and marketing team. One thing came into my mind on the spot and mentioned that “If you rightly plan & implement the SEO strategy, no other medium/channel or marketing campaigns would bring the traffic to your website as equal as the traffic you can get it through organic search”.

Yes, you got it right! The winner will be a result of organic search when you put together the accumulated traffic of all the marketing campaigns. Having said this, you would know the significance of SEO and the importance of it.

SEO practices have evolved! When there is a genuine marketer practices SEO with white hat methodologies, the spammer comes in and do all the trick over black hat to get their page resulted. Thus, search engines (SE) also evolve! The top SE like Google constantly tracks the spammer’s black hat methodologies and improves their Search Engine Result Page (SERP) algorithm at its best.

For an example: Five years back when we hired an SEO, one of his responsibilities was to submit the links over 3rd party portals. (Yes, it is well known “Backlink” strategy over the SEO). So, every month he takes up our URL and goes to some business directories and other listing portals to submit the URLs. It is more of a Ctrl+C & Ctrl+V work. Isn’t it?! I remember that when I was auditing the 3rd parties, most of them are unknown, from countries like China, Japan, Taiwan, non-english and junk websites etc.

But now, Google reads and rates the domain authority of the 3rd party websites and connects with your SEO score. So, the Ctrl+C & Ctrl+V job is getting out of the practice and you really need to have the originality of the content that you build, a research over the genuine domain (industry) expertized 3rd party portals, and a smart link building strategy in place.

The SEO is a serious (genuine) business now. If someone says that he can bring your visibility in the first page of SERP within a month, you got to think twice. Rather than a short term result, refuse the proposal and think of building a strong strategy where the result evolves over the period.

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PS: The intention of writing this article came into my mind through the discussion I had with Dhruv, CEO of iCliniq & Sam, VP – Marketing of helpr. Thank you both!