4C’s – The essentials of getting into an entrepreneurship!

Feb 12, 2019

Digital Marketing

BY Lessburn

It is been years since I made my pen to ink on blogging! More reasons for procrastination, but now it becomes as the responsibility to deliver. Almost with a decade of working experience, I have learned many things – the good ones and the wild ones. Everything taught me a lesson – a practical way of learning with real time experience and on achieving someone’s vision.

The recent days of my thought hitching towards getting into an entrepreneurship. A journey where I am the pilot and having like minded crew, and taking off the jet along with the passengers who are our own clients to reach the highest altitude!

Over the sleepless nights and long days of thought processing, I tailored myself with 4C’s that is highly making me to feel that I am on track!

#Entrepreneurship – Starts with a Concept to sell, Connections to make, Confidence to build & Courage to review! Now you get it right! Yes, 4C’s are Concept, Connections, Confidence & Courage!

Concept: The world has become competitive (a real competitive) and when exploring myself with getting into an entrepreneurship, I might have prototyped 10 difference ideas to start with. The real learning is, any thought that hit your mind and you feel that you are the one who is going to be on it first, you got it wrong! You will come to know even the big players in the market who does the same kind what you wanted to do. To make the difference, you got the chance of nothing except building,

  • Unique team and the culture
  • Unique Frameworks that deals with best practices, methodologies
  • Unique Value Proposition

Connections: It plays a vital role! If you think the connections are the one who are your friends, colleagues, peers, relatives, well-wishers, you got it all the way wrong. The are very few exceptions makes this statement wrong (and those few exceptions are really great connections that you have got to support your journey), but majority of people whom you know already will be not the same when you are not in the power or authority. The real connections make your entrepreneurship strong are the one you meet through,

  • Conferences
  • Industrial peer network
  • Associations and forums

So, start building your right connections before getting into the entrepreneurship journey!

Confidence: Self confidence is an important thing to have. Every possible opportunity that you had a trust on it turns as an obstacle or dragging towards execution. If you lose the confidence yourself, then no one else can build it for you. My one month experience was tough and will write about it sooner. My recommendation to build the self-confidence is, to have right

  • Partner who understands you and support on every single step that you get with an obstacle
  • List of podcasts to listen while you walk or travel
  • List of songs that makes your blood pressure hit high!
  • List of apps that keep triggering your commitment to be on-track

Courage: You can’t be successful if you don’t have a courage to review what was the goal you set and where you stand on the respective time interval! You should have a courage to review the path you made, work you have done, milestone you achieved, and all of its best the self review on state of current what you are & where you are!

With all said, I am hoping for the great entrepreneurial journey and concluding the readers with with two statements. I am now,

  • Signed off from employment
  • Signed on with “lessburn

If you are eager to know what is “lessburn”, stay tuned!