5C Model for Successful Digital Campaigns

Jun 10, 2020

Digital Marketing

BY lessburn

Digital Marketing today, demands a strong understanding of marketing basics that can be applied digitally by marketers in order to achieve business goals. Applying robust marketing strategies, leveraging technology, reviewing and modifying marketing strategies based on performance insights can yield the desired outcomes for every business.

To promote a brand’s value and cultivate genuine and sustained interest around it, we at lessburn, think, create and execute differently. Over the years, we have delighted our clients, by coming up with boundary-pushing marketing campaigns that have hugely gone successful. 

The main catalyst for lessburn’s continued success is adding ‘Secret Marketing Sauce’ that makes our marketing campaigns distinctly unique and successful when compared to your previous campaigns. 

So we want to reveal the recipe of our Secret Marketing Sauce and the ingredients that go into its making. We call them the 5Cs that drive the Digital Marketing Success.


For any successful marketing campaign, the concept is ‘key’. We, at lessburn, always believe in placing the consumer as the main focus in all of our digital marketing campaigns. We achieve this by anticipating and understanding the needs and wants of a customer. Our marketing campaigns are backed by solid market research and are purely customer driven, thereby delivering maximized value than competitors. 

“Emotional Trigger always makes a quick conversion”

Understanding the real need of the target customers plays a vital role in customers’ engagement with the Ad campaign. By going for concepts and creative ideas that trigger emotional responses, we leverage emotional intelligence, to come up with narratives that are authentic and connect with the audience emotionally and have the potential to go viral.

While promoting a SaaS based company called iCliniq, a virtual hospital where the target audiences can reach out to Doctors virtually for medical second opinion at affordable cost anytime and from anywhere, we targeted the audience with a slogan “Get your health issues resolved at home”! As expected, it was a hit especially during the COVID lock down delivering the results in their user acquisition metrics. 

Creative Design

Strategic creative design fuels the successful results that we achieve for our clients. By thoughtful usage of design theory and principles, grids and ratios, layouts, customer psychology and color theory, and the skillful use of font and type to pull elements together that will reinforce a message and build brand loyalty. Our expertise and experience goes into building effective visual designs that will ensure creatives that stand out from the competition and attract potential customers and clients to your business.

During the 2019 Diwali season, we were massively working on promoting bijili Crackers – a cracker selling e-commerce platform’s digital campaigns with a target of acquiring 2500 customers minimum. Our Creative designers were artistically molding each design considering the target audiences’ taste to deliver a better engagement.

Yeah, we all had the happiest party as we acquired more than 5000 customers doubling the client’s expectations!


There simply is no other way to put this – ‘Content is King’ 

Content is arguably the most important part of any digital marketing efforts. Content not only helps build trust and connect with your target audience, but also acts as fuel for your other marketing techniques. And that is why at lessburn, super-effective content forms the base upon which our digital marketing strategies are built.

We realised that we could do magic with our words as we partnered with The Chennai Silks  –  a chain of retail textile shops in South India. While majorly working on branding their products on social media, we pulled their target audience into our kingdom of powerful words through videos, gamifications, polls and many more thereby eventually increasing the footfalls into their stores. 


For any marketing strategy — digital or not — you need to know who you’re marketing to. With this in mind, the team at lessburn has time and again come up with effective campaign strategies for our clients. Our practical outlook and out-of-the box approaches have resulted in high ROI marketing campaigns. We make sure that we get the demographics and target audience right in order to build effective digital marketing campaigns around them. Buyer personas, demographic and psychographic data, choice of platform (social, owned, paid etc)  are key aspects that drive our strategies. 

To shift the gear from neutral to full-throttle, we partnered with SGA Cars to promote SKODA in the target Kongu region. As per their tag line “Simply Clever” we promoted the campaigns encouraging the audiences to take a test drive through lead generation and email campaigns. And yes, our strategy accelerated the plan, making 4000+ hot leads selling 300+ cars per month burning less of their capital investing on traditional marketing strategy.  


Our favorite way to measure the effectiveness of a marketing campaign is simple: measure the amount of direct sales revenue the campaign produces. Marketing campaign effectiveness can be measured by many different metrics – Cost Per View, Cost Per Signup  etc. These depend on the context and goal of the campaign. But the one metric that’s so important is whether the campaign changed the target audience’s behavior: did it change a perception, cause an action or drive an engagement? And more often than not, lessburn’s campaigns have succeeded in that aspect by triggering leads, sales, traffic and improved brand awareness.

“We always target to slice your Time, Effort and Budget into half, making 2x RoI”

Differentiate your Digital Strategy

With the business and technological landscape constantly evolving, Organizations today have a tough time trying to determine how best to distinguish themselves when planning their digital marketing campaigns. We understand that when it comes to Digital Marketing Strategy, there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ template. It is always better to have a road map in place, highlighting the actions and the strategies to achieve marketing goals over a period of time. lessburn can help you grow your business better with Marketing Strategies that organically improve your digital presence.

We can help you nail the optimal digital strategy that facilitates growth. Want to know how? Let’s Talk then!