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Jun 06, 2020

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BY lessburn

Every SaaS startup entrepreneur or founder out there knows that there is no easy way to success. They are aware of the many obstacles that come along the startup journey and try their best to be prepared. Nevertheless, they still face major challenges, especially during the early days and unsure of the best way to respond or don’t yet have the resources or expertise needed to address them properly.

In all honesty, many startup founders are core ‘techies’ who despite being experts in their domain might not necessarily be experts in other critical aspects of a business like growth marketing, HR, Client Management, Business Development, Operations, and many more. This is why the idea of Talent-as-a-Service (TaaS) has begun to take hold — rather than hire and onboard people on a permanent / contract basis, businesses are hiring professionals on-demand. This is especially strategic as the economy, in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, as per Liran Kotzer’s writing for The Huffington Post perfectly captures, with an uncertain state in the economy and the pressure on businesses to keep costs in check is high. 

Why go for Talent as a Service?

It makes sense for small businesses and startups to bring in short-term hires to deal with peaks in the overall workload, while keeping the organization lean and costs in check – especially the overhead cost involved in hiring multiple roles to market the product/service, setting up office space and other infrastructure. 

For example, if a Startup hires a Marketing Manager for business development, he may request for a Content writer for coming out with brand messaging and marketing collateral. The content writer would then require a designer for making the creative design. And post the initial outreach, this team would need a group of sales executives to liaise and engage with new clients.  As there is no justification for hiring a full-fledged team for a startup at this juncture; instead, it would be best in the company’s interests if they were to procure talent on a need basis, without having to worry about taking on the burden of full-time employees. 

But it isn’t only the small businesses adopting this approach. Microsoft uses a significant number of contingent workers — one estimate puts the number at 70,000 compared to just under 100,000 full-time employees — and it isn’t the only large company doing this. With around 42 million freelancers in the U.S. alone, businesses that have embraced TaaS have a large pool of talent to choose from. By plugging in skilled professionals on-demand, choosing from a huge talent pool, with the necessary expertise, companies are able to control, and the project costs much more closely.?

How TaaS can Transform your Business 

What happens when your business requires a particular skill or talent to market your product or service with less than the current payroll of a full-time employee? What are your options as a founder then? 

The lack of essential employees within a company can lead to a variety of issues, such as:

  • Loss of revenue
  • Time implications for the projects
  • Increased workloads for other teams
  • Low morale
  • Increased staff turnover
  • Increased operational expenses

TaaS is the answer to such situations. We highlight below some of the major benefits of opting for TaaS solution as an approach: 

Optimized talent acquisition – The pressure on internal teams is much lesser as the role of hunting for talent, onboarding, and training are handled by the TaaS service provider. If your business is hiring digital marketer, content, designer or market research professionals but is struggling to find time to dedicate to searching for candidates, briefing them on the role, organizing interviews and making offers, a TaaS service provider like lessburn, can help with the end-to-end Business Support Processes.

Increased efficiencies – As roles and responsibilities are assigned as per specialization, past experience, the expertise of an individual chosen from a huge talent pool, they are able to deliver better and on time adhering to the Objectives & Key Results (OKR) and Service Level Agreement (SLA) making it effective to track the performance metrics. Allotting and carving out distinct chunks of work and establishing clear deliverables and deadlines with strong communication can help achieve this.

Reduced Costs – One major reason why companies are now rushing to embrace the TaaS model is that it lowers the cost of retaining skills by a considerable margin. The scalability offered by TaaS, to roll out projects based solely on demand, is a game-changer in the world of recruitment. To gain your quick confidence, UK based Engage Infotech saves 70% of monthly 19,000 USD spent on 6 In-house Recruiters by whitelisting lessburn as their Virtual Hiring Partner.

Increased employee engagement – The TaaS approach encourages the workforce to invest more effort in the organization and align their daily work with the business goals while also focusing on their personal goals. Though setting up a virtual team may create a bias in totally understanding the company’s vision and mission. Make the process easier with an extended virtual support team at lessburn who will live with your values.

To Conclude

TaaS has brought a whole new dimension in the businesses, by opening the workplace for people best suited for a particular project. In other words, TaaS can help leverage talent across projects and organizations based on the former’s skills and the latter’s requirements. Ultimately, the aim of TaaS is to aid growth within your business and reduce the well-known drag of the recruitment process and the burden of an excessively large in-house team. 

lessburn can work with you as your virtual talent function and a one-stop-solution to all your growth-related requirements, whereby lessburn’s TaaS solution is not simply a third party to help with an extended support team but a mutually beneficial collaboration that supports and supplements for your internal business processes and to simplify the workspace, to deliver your timely needs through a cost-effective process. 

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