Marketing Automation: Best Practices to Drive Maximum ROI out of Your Campaign Budget

Dec 27, 2021

Digital Marketing

BY lessburn

Modern marketers want to run every single marketing campaign to generate more leads, more conversions, more sales without much sweat. Unfortunately, it's highly backbreaking to predict the marketing landscape as the customers evolve after they complete every purchase cycle. Keeping this aside, Most companies, especially emerging companies lack the technical expertise or do not have room in their budget for a dedicated team.

These statements seem like the worst nightmare for most marketers. But the solution is super simple. Here we are going to explore the best practices to engage, streamline and automate repetitive marketing tasks that lead to generating higher ROI after every marketing campaign so your core marketing team can concentrate more on other productive activities.

How Does Marketing Automation Ease Your Marketing Campaigns?
Is marketing automation changing the dimension of marketing? Of course. Marketing automation has empowered marketers to automate repetitive and mundane tasks like sending emails and posting content on social media. But still, it goes beyond email marketing, allowing teams to achieve so much more. It�s mandatory for any marketer who is creating multi-channel content for an increasing customer base.

Marketing Automation empowers the marketers to trace the insights, segment their prospects, build the perfect customer journey and create personalized messages. Irrespective of the company size, from B2B to B2C, and from startups to conglomerates can take advantage of marketing automation. At lessburn, we empower you by implementing and managing the top-performing marketing automation software based on your specific requirement. Using marketing automation, we can reserve your time, money, and improve your marketing efficiency.

Marketing Automation Vs Campaign Management
Marketing automation is a distinct tool from CRM. It controls & manages the process of nurturing leads at a far beginning stage in the purchasing process. However, marketing automation and CRM work exceptionally well together, providing a consistent and detailed profile of an individual as they make their journey from contact, to lead, to prospect, to the customer:

> Foremost, marketing automation holds tight on prospect interest and manages the lead generation and lead nurturing by means of campaigns across the online and offline channels.
> Then, CRM takes those prospects, tracks sales, and sales opportunities, and manages the ongoing customer relationship.
> In addition to that, reporting and analytics across the closed-loop between marketing automation and CRM allow sharpening campaigns to improve effectiveness.

Top 7 Crucial Business Benefits of Using Marketing Automation
> Improving personalized customer experience
> Strengthening sales and marketing partnership
> Nurturing better business leads
> Measuring engagement results by tracking & monitoring
> Increasing scale and scope of marketing campaigns
> Boosting ROI, upselling, and promotion
> Empowering your team to improve results

Features Comparison Among The Best Marketing Automation Software
There are a huge number of tools/software out there that claim to make it easy to automate your every marketing strategy. But not all of them are what they�re cracked up to be. It�s mandatory to know the best software that will preciously work for your custom business needs. Have a look at below for the feature comparison of well-known marketing automation software.

At lessburn, our expert panel will implement marketing automation strategies with the right blend of technology and services to improve the sales funnel by generating hot leads and engaging every customer on each level with a highly focused and personalized way to get the best conversion rate