Reasons Behind Every SaaS Leader Demand Current B2B Contact Data - Founder’s Strategic Guide

Jan 27, 2022

Business Information Services

BY lessburn

Eventually, B2B signals are the fuel that drives Every Successful SaaS Leader. You will reach more potential buyers & close more deals if the B2B data you harness is available with current valid data and if you don’t keep the current data, it could be a liability. While you use data that is even slightly out of date, your B2B lead generation process will be as effective as watching the daily news which is already a year older. Also, there must be instances when your team will waste time reaching the decision-makers who have already left the company.

In short, just because a piece of information in your database is accurate today never means it could be valid tomorrow.

Here are some useful insights from Our Subject Matter Experts on how real-time data propel your business and how we could find a feasible solution to fix this unceasing issue. Scroll down to see the rest!

Top 4 Reasons Why You Need Real-Time Data, Every Time

  1. Accurate Audience Targeting

With a more precise B2B database, you will be able to reach only the right people based on your custom goals without spending so much time on others. And you can make more predictions, more research, and more analysis about your audience before setting up the deal table that will make a positive impact on your deal table, probably you would close much quicker, much easier, and much better.   

  1. Motivate More Production

It’s now possible to track thousands of thousands of company profiles and the respective C-Suite decision-maker profiles across billions of data points. The relevant, current & precise piece of information would change the entire course of making business and enhance your sales funnel. By using these precise data signals you can build your own network among your target audience which helps to increase productivity.  

  1. Increased ROI

Every business leader can increase the ROI with the use of Real-time Data to target the right audience more importantly at the right time. In case you are running any marketing campaign to interact with your audience then you should have the most precise & targeted business database. This Current Data (or) Real-Time Data helps you to increase the Campaign ROI by controlling the Cost Per Lead (CPL) and/or Cost Per Click (CPC) efficiently with highly qualified leads.

  1. Truly Better Forecasting

If you’ve got access to a reliable & current data source, it’s more like following the online news updates every second. If you’ve been using reliable & current contact data for a while, you’ll be able to predict your revenue with much more accuracy. Already you have the metrics on how well your team will perform. So that you’ll have an idea of the number of conversations they’ll make.

We Build Your Business Better with The 3 Dimensions of Data 

  1. Firmographic Data

Our firmographic research Ninjas helps you to build the crucial company data to make sure your team spends their efforts decisively only on clinching the ideal prospects and to ensure you spend your time focusing on other high priorities of the business as we process and qualify your database of company profiles. Our firmographic data point includes industry type, sector, employee range, current location, total revenue, founder year, and 50+ more data points. 

  1. Demographic Data

Our expert demographic data research team helps you to reach the key decision-makers in your target companies before your competitor reaches them. Our team of research experts helps you to ensure that you are reaching the right people at the right time by offering their contact information which includes the Name of the Executive, Job Title, Current Company information, Email ID, Official Contact number with an Extension, Social Media Links along with Job history, First Level Connections, Recent Projects Lead by him/her, Person he/she is reporting to, and so on.

  1. Chronographic Data

Our expert chronographic data panel curates data signals to track and process qualified key business alerts that are vital to discover more potential opportunities to expand your business and to strengthen the business strategies by perceiving hot companies that matter to you. Our chronographic data includes the funding data that is being processed with more relevant information such as Key executive changes, funding amount, valuation amount, lead investor, funding type, etc., and our merger & acquisition (M&A) alerts will have information like acquisition amount, type.

As a key player in the Business Information Service Industry, lessburn offers a wide range of web/market research services in a cost-effective way with high-quality data to our top-notched clients across the globe. Hire your extended market research team with us now!