Prominent SEO Strategies Need To Hit Google’s First Page in 2022 & Beyond

Feb 07, 2022

Search Engine Optimization

BY lessburn

Even with the billions of results shown for a particular keyword and trillions of searches being carried out every minute, most of the users don’t ever scroll past the first page. In fact, they lose their patience after clicking 3 or 4 consecutive links. If you want to grab their attention, you must be on that first page more importantly you have to be on top of SERP, every time.

To assist you with this, we’re descending into the most emerging trends for Search Engine Optimization in 2022. This quick guide helps you to know how to keep an eye on SEO and what should be done from your side based on the evolving technology environments. Current State of SEO - Why It’s Compelling More Advanced Tactics

Google Search Volume has tremendously increased ever since the COVID-19 pandemic arose. The coronavirus outbreak has led to a sharp increase in search volume as users search more through Google's search engine than ever before. And also, SEO techniques and methods are still evolving as blooming technologies. Since search engines like Google modify their algorithms frequently the SEO techniques need to be updated continuously. Hence SEO evolving as a different beast, which is why advanced SEO strategies are the crucial factors to influencing your audience.

Top 5 Innovative Tricks To Be Incorporated For Higher Page Ranking

  1. Artificial Intelligence Will Have a Sizeable Impact - Artificial intelligence (AI) has switched the way users interact with online content. It shows us the things that we like the most and facilitates our searches on the network. It ensures users get an enhanced experience during their search. To do this, you need to captivate and engage readers with useful and well-organized content that will enrich the effectiveness of the AI. It also allows your users to find you more easily and more frequently on any platform that you are connected with.

  2. Get Ready For Booming Voice SEO Techniques - Voice Assistive technologies have become a part of our daily routine with the emergence of the innovations such as Google Assistant, Apple's Siri, and Amazon's Alexa, and voice search technology will have to travel a long way. As users need to have quick technology, voice search has also become more popular and people are starting to love it. The percentage of households owning a voice assistive speaker by 2023 is estimated to be 55%.

When people speak, they tend to elongate their requests. As voice searches tend to work best with longer phrases naturally, you should focus on keywords and longer phrases to be more productive in this specific area of voice search. This will help search assistants find you on the web much quicker.

  1. Prioritize Mobile Optimization - As most people access Google search via their mobile devices, Googlebot has started indexing pages with smartphones. According to a report, 72.6% of internet users will access the internet through their mobile devices by 2025. This shows the importance of optimizing your website for smartphones over desktops. Google agrees that websites that have an attractive, user-friendly design, and incorporate mobile phones will get quicker ranking.

Quick Tips To Prioritize Mobile Optimization:

  • Switch to the responsive website as early as possible.

  • Ensure both mobile and desktop versions of your website serve structured data.

  • Check your mobile site as a distinct property in Google Search Console (GSC).

  • Craft content that is freely readable over a smartphone.

  1. Produce More Video Content - We all will witness the growth of YouTube in such a quick tenure. As people are lucrative towards visual content, YouTube alone has over a billion users. And the inference is, creating audiovisual content in our SEO strategies is an effective maneuver. Now you are in a Now or Never Situation to have a good SEO using audiovisual content as an ally, if not using it yet.

  2. Content - The Most Crucial Factor - Google emphasizes high-quality, relevant content over everything else when it comes to ranking websites in SERP. Creating quality content isn’t only about introducing relevant keywords, it is also about communicating with your audience.

How To Maintain Unique Value Proposition:

  • Use advanced SEO keyword research tools on your ideal target keywords.

  • Include every keyword as possible as in the title tags, meta descriptions, and URL slugs.

  • Ensure you have a call to action (CTA) at the end of each piece of content that encourages readers to take an action.

  • Conduct frequent analysis on Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) to understand search intent and include various key phrases in the right frequency.

Still Finding Difficulties While Optimizing Your Website?

If you are still unable to figure out the feasible solution to get ranked higher on Google, our SERP warriors are here to help you. Whether it is a new update to Google’s algorithm or a change in semantic search or implementing AMP technology, we stay on top of the things to bring in the customers you deserve. 

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