Rusty Data Can Silently Cripple Your Business? Approaches To Maintain The Data Hygiene To Onboard Ideal Prospects

Jun 14, 2022

Business Information Services

BY lessburn

Data has become the driving force of any company and is wielded to propel any business outcomes. It is an essential factor in every decision that business leaders make to stimulate the growth of their business.

The biggest roadblock on the path to clinching the ideal prospects is data decay. It detaches the enterprises from targeting revenue prospects and efficiently engaging the clients. It soberly dents the ideal prospecting. Rusty data sneaks into sales capabilities and crumbles your revenue streams in many ways. Amidst this, the supremacy of the perfect data lies in its reusability. It is not enough to have your data do its work once so your data will continue to provide value over time.

In this article, we will uncover why you should keep your data accurate and up-to-date & why data enrichment is an irresistible process to onboard ideal prospects and scale your business.

Can Rusty Data Be Made Into Reliable & Reusable Data? Data  Quality always matters in any business activity as the whole world revolves around data. Data is the essential requirement of any business to target the leads and prospects in a better way than your competitor does. 

It is crucial to spot the tasks your data must perform, but it is equally critical to ensure your data can perform those tasks. This is where data enrichment comes in. The ultimate objective of data enrichment is to eliminate “poor quality” data that is inaccurate, incorrect, invalid, or duplicate and replace blank datasets with current and accurate information. This would provide valuable information for your database to keep on performing its tasks and to ensure the value is delivered continually. Despite all of that, you can't relax as soon as the enrichment process is done. You have to keep on doing this process continuously to maintain data hygiene.   

Can Rusty Data Fuel Account Based Marketing Campaigns?

B2B marketing relies on a current, segmented company profile that provides market insights, and reports, in an accurate, effective, and quick turnaround way. Data enrichment compiles relevant and current company profiles to create personalized marketing channels and campaigns. It allows companies to understand their competitors better, discover more potential opportunities to expand their business landscape, and strengthen their business strategies.  

Can Rusty Data Improve ML Algorithms Accuracy?

Machine Learning Algorithms highly depend on enriched data to provide the most accurate data to solve real-time business problems. Data curation software equipped with algorithms automates, streamlines, and executes complex, repetitive, and time-consuming data mining tasks quickly. At the same time, without the support of enriched data, it is highly challenging to rely on the output of the AI/ML algorithms. 

Can Rusty Data Improve The Use of Dark Data?

Data enrichment improves the exploration, usability, and implementation of dark data in a business. The unutilized data (or) unused data collected from various sources in cyberspace that are intended to generate revenue is called Dark Data. Data enrichment permits businesses to use dark data to spur business growth, improve sales and make informed decisions based on sustainable data. 

Can Rusty Data Save Time and Costs?

Sales departments annually lose about 550 hours and $32000 per salesperson caused by bad business data. Enriched data enables your sales teams to swiftly and efficiently reach new clients, convert and retain existing clients while reducing operational expenses associated with maintaining an obsolete database. With enriched data companies can initiate specific and relevant emails, prospectus, and calls to their customers, which may spur the overall efficiency that obviously saves your budget.

Indeed of Streamlining Your Data Enrichment Process?

As a key player in the Business Information Service Industry, our data enrichment experts are focused on a wide range of data enrichment services to eliminate “poor quality” data that is inaccurate, incorrect, invalid, or duplicate and replace blank datasets with current and accurate information which the AI/ML algorithms never manage alone that might help to achieve your business goal with ease. We ensure you have the correct, current & timely data that can slash your time, effort, and resource budget.  

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