ACCURATE - Data Quality Culture, an initiative by lessburn

Jan 30, 2023

Business Information Services

BY Team - lessburn

Positive work culture matters for many companies who strive towards achieving strong organizational values and brand identity. Greater employee productivity, increased employee engagement, well-being and many other contributing factors are directly proportional to a healthy organizational culture. 

While the organizations are marching towards creating impressive company culture, being one of the leading Business Information & Market Research Service providers,
lessburn, took an initiative called ACCURATE that fosters a powerful DATA QUALITY CULTURE in addition to developing the work cultural values.

It all started with a fable of false positive data! But first, the real fable; an Aesop’s fable – The Boy who cried, 'Wolf'!

A shepherd boy constantly fooled the local villagers into believing that a wolf is attacking his flock, the moment when the actual wolf appeared and the boy cried for help, none of the villagers turned up believing it as a false alarm to finally see the wolf eating the sheep.

Now summarizing this "wolf-prediction" model with a 2x2 confusion matrix which predicts the four possible outcomes:





True Positive

True Negative

Truth - There was a wolf

Shepherd said "WOLF"

End result - Shepard and villagers saved the flock

Truth - There was no wolf

Shepherd said "NO WOLF"

End result - Everything is good.


False Positive

False Negative

Truth - There was no wolf 

Shepherd said "WOLF"

End result - Villagers are angry at the Shepard for fooling around

Truth - There was a wolf

Shepherd said "NO WOLF"

End result - The wolf ate the sheep

 True Positive – a result when the model correctly speculates the positive class True Negative – a result when the model correctly speculates the negative class False Positive – a result when the model incorrectly speculates the positive class False Negative – a result when the model incorrectly speculates the negative class 

On comparing this fable to the real time data extraction,

Many data intelligence providers, enrich their platforms with a multitude of AL and ML algorithms to crawl the URLs or links on the webpage and scrap the data available on the websites; thereby enhancing their Total Addressable Market. Least the businesses consider is the impact of those two extracted FALSE POSITIVE & FALSE NEGATIVE DATA. Whilst the False-Negative will be subjected to rejection, False-Positive data disrupts the credibility of the data providers and affects the businesses long-term for providing inaccurate data.   Since businesses have detrimental impact due to false positives, most companies have started deploying technology that automates to accept or reject the enriched data without understanding the nuances created by the algorithms.  To reduce the friction created by these errors, lessburn always believes in delivering 100% HAND-CURATED DATA to eliminate the false-positives on over 150+ data points in the arena of B2B data.  A team of Web Researchers, Market Researchers, Market Analysts, Web Scrapers, Pricing Analysts, Product Analysts, Data Analysts, Data Scientists, works on collecting extensive B2B data and delivers precise and predictive data through sourcing, validating, and enriching the existing data through 100% human verification.  


More than Data entry, as an intensive Data research, the team at
lessburn, classify, investigate and evaluate multiple data points to pivot the decisive points until the particular data becomes solid information. Based on a few factors like accuracy, reliability, completeness and timely, the team measures the data quality to identify the errors and resolve them with the correct data to serve its intended purpose. 

lessburn aimed to ensure the consistency of data quality management upon its recent milestone achieved on a project with one the leading Business Intelligence providers. The team accomplished a quality score for delivering 98% accurate hand-curated data, based on multiple parameters. To fulfill the gap on the quality scorecard to make it 100%, lessburn took a plunge to prioritize rendering 100% accurate hand-curated data through a strategic initiative called ACCURATE that drives a good data quality culture.


We have created an environment where our clan of Data Researchers truly care about the quality of their work based on accuracy, competence and thoroughness and make holistic decisions to stay consistent in maintaining the highest level of quality.


Quality – Doing it right, even when no one is monitoring! 

By being intentional with the core values and the new strategic initiative, lessburn is creating a positive quality culture that will inspire the team and help the organization thrive. A little encouragement and delegation of tasks were all it required to catalyze the quality control practices that involve 3Qs.


  • Quality Planning

  • Quality Improvement

  • Quality Assurance


 The cost of bad and inaccurate data can mount soon on poor data quality management. And that too with hand-curation, data are prone to human-error at times. To steer clear of curating erroneous data and to build the quality culture, lessburn outlined a sequence of actions that involve ACCURATE abbreviate to

With a total of 200+ hungry data enthusiasts, 8 teams were formed with 20+ data hunters per team. The groups were carefully segregated considering many internal factors that the no members of the same projects, no work buddies, no members of the same workspace or physical work locations were grouped together paving a way to know each other and to interact with the other team/project members. No attempt is more than adding GAMIFICATION to enhance the quality culture through ACCURATE!

 We organize, 

  • Quality oriented weekend assessments

  • Quick Activities during working hours via G-forms

  • Rapid fire questionnaires during working hours via WhatsApp

  • Sessions / seminars for each team

  • Mind-sharing of each teams’ experience

  • Debate / Brainstorming of ideas for data curation

  • TED Talks with industry experts

  • Contest for the Freshers on precise data hunt and much more

 By splitting them into smaller groups named after many innovative terms, each member is encouraged with a personal responsibility to pitch in towards a collaborative decision-making and laser focused approach on delivering with 100% accuracy without stressing much contributing towards further increasing the quality score from 98% to 100%. 

Thereby shaping up their research skills with ACCURATE, the team could find a Constant & a Relentless improvement day-by-day by enhancing the productivity more than 150% without worn out and a positive environment for employee engagement.

Living quality culture - the key to successful quality management!

For all the advanced organizations and enterprises, data quality remains a critical element in providing accurate as well as latest information. To surpass the errors caused by algorithms and automation, lessburn offers a team that personifies QUALITY CULTURE, built with a variety of standards and practices. 

Be sure to check us out if your B2B data needs human verification and/or a hand-curation or directly schedule a meeting with our industry specialist, Founder & CEO of lessburn, Ramesh Srinivasan here!