From the Launch to making 100+ recurring orders in 3 months of the timeline

Amutham Masala is an emerging FMCG brand of exotic masalas that symbolizes the rich heritage of South Indian tradition consists of high-quality powders used in day-to-day cooking as well as masalas that help to make various tasty south Indian dishes with ease. The client wanted us to build brand awareness in social media among the buyers for a series of their exciting range of spices during the massive pandemic. They emphasize more on scaling the business by retaining the traditional feel with health benefits while giving it a contemporary appeal.

The Challenge

We aimed to:
  • Shift from a product focus to a customer centric approach
  • Improve the effectiveness of its social media ad spend
  • Improve its customers insight, understanding & engagement

Our strategy, in short:

Target Persona Research: After in-depth research, we suggested a new buyer persona to our client could focus on the consumers who fall between the age group 21 to 39 since they are the predominant influencers in social media to build the brand effectively.

Outreach Focus on Facebook & Instagram: Strategize the major B2C social media channel for very good and immediate conversions in quick succession for product ad campaigns.

Content Strategy: Competitors likely have a similar product, which means the potential customers need to know what makes yours better or, at least, different. We build long relationships with empathy through creative content.

Results and ROI

  • Uplift in overall social media campaign sessions by 70% as well as an increase in Paid Traffic by 50%
  • Generated over 100K+ engagements, reached 1.8M+ people and had an average of ?3.5 CPC
  • An increase in the number of orders online from 300 to 2.3K, which was impressive for an emerging brand within two months from its presence in the cyber platform