Case Study - Get Qualified Leads of Farmers through Digital Marketing

Farmagain is working towards making Precision Agriculture a reality by bringing in deep domain expertise in agronomy & advanced technologies like IoT and Artificial Intelligence to solve challenges faced in farming and make farmers productive and profitable. GroTron is one of the most innovative solutions designed and manufactured by Farmagain, which helps the farmers to adopt precision Agriculture and reduce water consumption, optimize fertilizer usage, improve crop productivity and manage agro activities through GroTron mobile application.

Case Summary

As agricultural equipment manufacturers, Farmagain’s presence across social media was quite scarce. And the farmers were unaware of any social media pages related to agribusiness even though they are connected through social channels. Farmagain wished to target farmers and potential buyers related to agriculture, who are indeed to use the futuristic equipment for a precise farming process. Also, they wished to increase brand awareness and visibility by creating powerful campaigns across Facebook and Instagram and use them as a powerful tool to reach out to potential customers.

Persistence With Precise Plan Makes All The Difference - The Objectives

  • Increasing Brand Awareness
  • Increasing Web Traffic
  • Lead Generation

Creative Campaigns Leads Better Results- The Approach

  • In order to deliver our Content to the right people, we used a combination of data from the social listening activity and demographic information with a lot of extensive research.
  • Based on the current trends and social media algorithms, we created an extensive social media calendar containing powerful content with creative and innovative designs with targeted content that expertly put forth their brand name and what they aimed to promote.
  • We have created campaigns with attractive content (promo & lead generation) on a daily basis, which helps us to increase brand visibility and attract more viable leads.
  • All promotions were analyzed and tested to maximize ROI as well as gain insights into the engagements of the topic being widely advertised and Retargeting Campaigns were implemented to increase the conversion rate.

Results and ROI

  • Within three months, the Facebook campaign managed to engage 198K Users who were involved in farming or agriculture, which was 20 times more than what we had initially hoped for.
  • Farmagain's Facebook page has gained 11K more Followers who are actively engaged.
  • During the campaign the website benefitted from an uplift in overall Social Media Sessions by 61% as well as an increase in Paid Traffic by 43%.
  • With a strategic lead generation campaign, we managed to generate 1.5K+ Qualified Leads within a month over the country.