Being from India, were able to generate qualified leads from North America

TRIYAM is the winner of the 2021 Best in KLAS Award in Data Archiving. They provide technology-enabled EHR Data Archival Solutions. They help North America based hospitals and clinics archive historical patient data from legacy EHRs to a less expensive archive, helping them stay compliant and save money.

 With its operations in the United States, TRIYAM approached us for a straightforward help to grow their organic search traffic to generate new business enquiries. We used Search Engine Optimization to support their movement. 

Now lessburn has become trusted advisors to their team, helping them move into new markets and capture top spots for their primary product Fovea.

The journey of a thousand optimizations typically begins with a single step – the SEO audit. #1 step to know where you are to get to where you want to be. That’s where the SEO audit comes into play.  We started with a comprehensive audit to diagnose if there were any technical issues that were reducing the search visibility.

lessburn’s Strategic Approach

lessburn addressed the pain points of TRIYAM with a strategy. Our Geo Specific Search Engine Optimization really worked out so well for them rather than the general SEO.

In-depth On-page search optimization

Through our strategic optimization we redefined the TRIYAM website into the search engine’s aspect. We paid more attention to on-page SEO as off-page SEO won’t do much good if you don’t pay attention to the fundamentals

Impeccable Backlinks

Low-quality and irrelevant backlinks suppressing the credibility of the search, we prioritized quality link building for TRIYAM (country specific links) to improve their visibility as quickly as possible.

Optimizing the Traffic That Converts

We drove an in-depth keywords research with industry and geography specific keywords to TRIYAM. This ultimately increased qualified traffic and key conversions.

Local Focus For Big Impact

Since TRIYAM’s target audience is hospitals and clinics from the USA, they search for the best Data Migration and Data Management Solutions near them, putting them one step closer to a transaction.


In a limited timeframe

  • 50% Organic Keyword Growth for 30 Keywords

TRIYAM’s organic keyword growth has been on a steady incline since we began our partnership.

  • 10% higher Organic conversion rate

Not only did we help TRIYAM gain top spots in keywords ranking, but we’ve helped them capture new clients organically.

  • #2 for "EHR Archive"

To appeal to its targeted audience, lessburn created right backlinks and SEO Content for TRIYAM. Our SEO Activity attracts Hospitals and Clinics who are looking for EHR Archive solutions and can find TRIYAM at the top of Google search results.

The client is now enjoying new customers and more business and they have admitted that SEO has been the most effective marketing method they have ever tried.

lessburn is really proud to have such clients on board where we can prove our capability and years of experience in the marketing arena.