Key Metrics for choosing Virtual Web Researchers

4 Key OKRs & KPIs for your Virtual Web Research Team

There is a huge volume of data being added on to the internet every day, every minute, even as you are reading this. But not all data on the world…

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Emotional Intelligence in Marketing

The Importance of Emotional Intelligence in Marketing

Savvy marketers of today seek to tap into human emotions in order to make that ‘connect’ with their audience and develop long-lasting relationships. For it is an established fact that…

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5C Model for Successful Digital Campaigns

Digital Marketing today, demands a strong understanding of marketing basics that can be applied digitally by marketers in order to achieve business goals. Applying robust marketing strategies, leveraging technology, reviewing…

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TaaS for SaaS

TaaS for SaaS – Collaborative Ecosystem at the Partners’ Place

Every SaaS startup entrepreneur or founder out there knows that there is no easy way to success. They are aware of the many obstacles that come along the startup journey…

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Virtual Sales Support Teams – Are they the Way Forward?

In today’s technological landscape, work forces are increasingly deployed remotely, and sales teams are becoming increasingly virtual. Going by a study recently conducted by ondeck, by the end of 2020, half…

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